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Track Day Rental Cars

Pick your Car, Arrive, and Drive!


2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Ultimate Track Weapon

520HP, PDK, High Performance Street Tires.


2016 Mercedes AMG GTS

Brutal Power

503HP, Dual Clutch, Pirelli Race Slicks


2017 Porsche
911 S

Precise Performance

425HP, PDK, Performance Street Tires.

Rental Cars: Meet the Team

All Inclusive

Track car rental packages include the following:

  • Paddock set-up with drinks, snacks, tent and chairs

  • Helmet, Fuel, & Safety Equipment

  • Professional Trackside Support Personnel

  • Trackday Insurance (10% deductible)

  • 1h 40min of track time per day

Professional driver coaching service available for purchase with any arrive and drive booking.

Event Registration is not included and ranges from $175-$300 depending on race track.

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